Naveen Tripathi


Naveen is a passionate creator and a die-hard optimist. He leads from the front and is a source of infinite zing and enthusiasm. With all the energy that lies within him, nothing seems unachievable!

Smriti Tripathi


Smriti is the silent powerhouse of Mercury. Simple, intelligent and methodical, she is a multi-faceted personality. She brings in a lot of method to the creative madness at Mercury.

Seema Rawat

a magician for 15 years

A source of inspiration and a role model for any young Mercurian, Seema personifies poise, charm, compassion and humility. Innumerable Mission Impossibles accomplished... all with a sweet smile.

Naveen Rajoria

a magician for 18 years

One of the first few members of the team, Naveen is a simple and sensitive man. He is the ultimate ‘big brother’ in Mercury. If there’s any way on this earth that it can be done, he’ll get it done. If there’s no way, he’ll find one!

Reenu Jain

a magician for 16 years

An amazing multi-tasker, Reenu has an incisive eye for detail. And for deadlines! For clients, she’s the face of Mercury. She plays many roles and manages the craziness and uncertainties of the creative world with great élan.

Namrata Kamra

a magician for 15 years

The speculation on her left brain versus right brain supremacy is yet to be settled. Highly creative and extremely methodical Namrata leaves nothing to chance. And nothing for tomorrow.

Laxman Singh

a magician for 12 years

Laxman, sincere and simple, is surely a one-man army when it comes to deadlines. The perfectionist has eye for every detail... with childlike innocence and naughty smile once his eyebrows have said yes for a job... just consider it done already.

Gyarsi Lal Saini

a magician for 18 years

The most-loved member in the team, especially on salary-days. Calm and composed, he has depth of experience and knowledge. He is passionate about literature, philosophy and patriotic songs!

Kailash Narayan

a magician for 18 years

There’s only so much that the design softwares of the world can do. For everything else, trust Kailash. He’s almost one of the founding members of Mercury. Sharp, unassuming and sometimes temperamental, he thinks two steps ahead of the team.

Jagdev Singh

a magician for 12 years

His magic is dealing with the last moment madness and arrangements with great ease, quickness and wittiness! Truly reliable, he can be entrusted with any and every kind of job.